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At Nurture Soul Therapeutics, we practice the intention of yoga by treating everyone with respect and love. Our instructors have a diverse background in yogic philosophy, structural alignment, body sculpt, injury recovery, and nutrition. We are passionate about helping students deepen their mind/body connection, detoxify their bodies, heal from past physical injuries and emotional trauma, and empower personal growth.

What is Yoga Therapy? Yoga Therapy is an individualized process in which instructors work one-on-one with the client. It can be more effective than general yoga practice for people who wish to treat specific medical conditions through yoga. Yoga Therapy can be applied for a wide range of physical, mental, and emotional conditions

To learn more about yoga and yoga therapy, including health benefits and how to practice different asanas, we encourage you to explore the resources available on our website. We invite you to sign up for our e-newsletter and stay up-to-date on the exciting workshops and classes available at our Houston yoga studio.

Nurture Soul Therapeutics is a place for everyone and everybody. Unify your body, mind and spirit at our energizing Houston yoga studio. We look forward to welcoming you into our community!

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”


a Yoga Teacher

When you fully appreciate the physical and spiritual benefits of yoga, it's natural to become inspired to share your enthusiasm for the practice with other people. From students who are first starting out in yoga practice to yogis who have many years under their belts, you can touch many people in Houston and beyond by getting certified in yoga instruction at Nurture Soul Therapeutics.


Nurture Soul Teacher Training Graduates!

Our next 200 Hour Teacher Training starts Spring 2018!

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23 Aug
New Flow + Restore Class

NEW CLASS!! Join Niki Cowburn and Brittany Allerdyce for Flow & Restore every Wednesday evening at Nurture Soul Therapeutics. Begin the class by flowing into each gentle pose with the rhythm of your own breath, followed by several relaxing restorative postures, ending with a short meditation. Th....

8 Jan
Benefits of Massage at Nu

Benefits of Massage & Healing Arts at Nurture Soul Therapeutics lower anxiety increase circulation reduce muscle fatigue and tension boost your immune system and resistance to illness lower your blood pressure relieve muscle pains and headaches improve thinking and awareness increase energy and ....

31 Dec
Happy 2017!!

May 2017 Be Your Best Year Ever! I love every new year experience: the new beginnings, the new possibilities, and the contagious, positive energy we create. We dream, we hope, we pray, we laugh, we cry, we relax, we spend time with family and friends, we plan, we wish, we believe! I am very excit....

SPR 2018
200 Hour Teacher Training

Now accepting applications! This training program gives students in-depth skills to teach Yoga as a vehicle for total wellness.

10 NOV
Community Reiki

Free Reiki Healing for the community at Nurture Soul Studio 2:00 - 4:00 PM

Yoga Nidra + Healing Sound Bath

Join us for a 60 minute guided yoga nidra practice with 30 minute crystal bowl restorative sound bath.

“Sign up for our Newsletter and receive 30 minute crystal healing bath!”

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"Nurture Soul Therapeutics is a place for everyone and everybody. Unify your body, mind and spirit at our energizing Houston yoga studio. We look forward to welcoming you into our yoga community."