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7062-B Lakeview Haven Dr. Unit 100 Houston, TX 77095

What Our Clients Are Saying About...

"I thoroughly enjoy the classes that are offered at Nurture Soul Therapeutics.  I was introduced to Yoga a year ago at the gym and I have to say that there is no comparison.  I love your studios!  It is the true yoga experience.  So far I have attended your Yoga and Pilates classes and have thoroughly enjoyed them.  In fact sometimes you see me a couple of times a day.  I appreciate the calming and peaceful studios.  Your teachers are wonderful, patient and they offer gentle guidance through the practices. 
Thank you for sharing your gifts with the rest of us."
Danette D’Anna

“Nurture Soul is a space filled with peace, warmth, tranquility and love. Rose, a true Yoga Therapist, has a special gift for teaching. You don’t want to miss her Nurture Soul Restorative class. I am both relaxed and energized after I am finished. I love that there are so many classes and types of classes to choose from. I’ve been practicing yoga for almost three years, but it is my first time trying Zumba and a Pilates. Aline and Tennille couldn’t be more patient with me! All of the instructors have been patient, passionate, and accommodating to all different levels of practice. Everyone is so welcoming when I walk in and I love browsing through the 100s of Yoga books! Beautiful facility!” 
Julie Shockley

"Nurture Soul is really a wonderful place in our community.  Many things are available there. I love the yoga classes! I am super impressed by all the different types of yoga classes that are offered, all the different class times, and the instructors.  I definitely feel relaxed and 'nurtured' when I leave and that I struck gold when I found it....."     Marie

"Nurture Soul Therapeutics is an incredible place to find peace and happiness with a variety of classes and schedules to accommodate everyone's needs.  I started my classes two weeks ago and it has been a wonderful experience – it has helped me so much with my journey to good health – body and soul.  It is a beautiful setting – you can walk in the yard, have a cup of tea, relax ….. and meet new friends. Give yourself a gift – try it, I promise you will not be disappointed."  
 Mary Sonnier

"Thank you Rose for helping me with my headaches using gentle & restorative yoga.
The aromatherapy oils you suggested are wonderful and helps to alleviate my headaches and my wife's too.
Also I really enjoyed the Yoga Nidra session with you to help me relax completely from all stress. It was an amazing experience to lie back and wait gentle suggestive thoughts from you, to completely relax my mind and body. To this day, I only have to say a few words from that session in order to get to a relaxed and stress-free state of mind.
Thank you also Rose, for the Ayurvedic bliss therapy sessions doing PanchaKarma and the relaxing Swedish massages that you gave.
You treat everyone as you would your own child, with love, compassion. Truly, you have the healing touch... Love you much"
N. Maxx
"I've taken a variety of yoga classes for a number of years and at some point, probably in the midst of wobbling in Virabhadrasana III with eagle arms, I thought, ok what now? There's got to be more behind balancing on one leg than just getting through it... it was then that I decided to fulfill my curiosity and find a deeper understanding by studying yoga. Well, I knew enough to realize I needed teachers. Sundara felt right to me - its mission and foundation are based on traditional principles is for anyone to experience a state of well-being. IYT's standards and quality curriculum are unmatched. Our kula got us through, many hugs, high-fives, and we did the work! I feel confident and prepared to share my practice... I've changed in a profound and rewarding way.  And in case you're wondering, there really is something behind that Vira III and it's so much more than just "getting through it!" I am forever grateful and honored to have been a student of such a knowledgeable, seasoned professional faculty of true yogis and part of a very special kula."
Emi Johnson